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    The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack!

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The World-Cultural-Heritage

Das Weltkulturerbe


Das Weltkulturerbe - The Cultural-Shock

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Most of the letters have been written for people in a controlling positon worldwide.

Ursula Sabisch, Empress, Rübenkoppel 1, 23564 Lübeck, Germany

European Union

CNN, Headline News, USA

EU Consignment

Rue DE LA Lio 200 CO/

B-1049 Brussels


Luebeck, jeudi 22 juillet 2004

The German-language document you may find here!

Cap Amore

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today is Thursday and some of you will know this writing is not based on a replacement of politeness.

In the last days the information went through the media that 37 African shipwrecked persons were picked up of the crew of the Cap Amore. Those people were quasi in a rubber dinghy fished on board the Cape Amore on high sea.

For such a given aid every people and especially the captain of a ship are obliged, however the captain and two responsible persons of the ship crew had been put in an Italian prison for some days. It was a question of African fugitives, since the Italian government put by law every illegal immigration and every assistance under legal punishment.

However the problem is that just southern Europe, especially too Sicily, can be the nearest secure port for fugitives from Africa and by it there exists a possible chance for some Africans to come ashore lively. That is a fact, which is generally known.

Nevertheless the Catholic Italy may do right to turn down illegal fugitives and/or immigrants then who should pay that all, if still the unemployment the national budget pulls into red numbers?

 Where should the way go at all and so it is ordered to guard the ports and coasts more strictly of the country before intruders possibly would be able to take still an Italian the sausage from the bread in such a way, yet it does not apply only for Italy, doesn't it?

For this reason nobody, simply no person has the courage to come towards to that responsible persons and to say the Catholic Italy:

Accommodates the people, who are on the run comply and then it will considered, which European country has available the money and the place and is on turn to undertake the responsibility for the people!

However, the members of European Union are not paid to set up such sensible arrangements.

There will be paid a presence bonus of the members, to outscorce services by reasonable arrangements which included every person but separate for it to bring Europe to the top; for it instead million over million are thrown away.

If it depends on it and action is asked then one respects politely the laws of a very Catholic Italy, since the laws must then also be respected within every country concerning such decisions. Oneself is not finally stupid, because a clever man takes precautions for the case that not suddenly several hundreds Africans or Asian will stand at the own door one day, wont they?

Apart from that the shipwrecked illegal immigrants did not want to burden Italy but nevertheless earlier had called Germany as their destination.

Some days later after the Cap Amore put into port here in Germany the worldwide biggest luxury liner, the Queen Mary II, docked at the port of Hamburg.

A colossal giant with a length of 345 m of luxury pure; no doubt the question does arise how large the rubber dinghy was of the 37 Africans and whether an African should be really so much less worth than such an European of the luxury class in 2004!

You as Catholic Italy will now instead be taken into the responsibility to receive the following commands of your Empress.

All other European please, will correspondingly bear worry for it that these commands get carry out smoothly, decently and immediately.

Too you and people like you, who themselves could hidden years behind the desk of an organization are now requested in a manner to let yourselves in person smuggle into such a flight means of transport.

In this case you may take with you as affected people a Handy, a radio equipment or too lighting pistols.

Italian also will have to see now that all European luxury liner will come to their planned efforts, when people are shipped with their whole family especially from the earthquake endangered fields.

The destination determines Empress in person in this mess-up hereby again.

Scandinavia is the continent, which has the place and the possibilities for an incorporation into a civilization for the people from endangered fields, when each African family will receive a beautiful stable small house with an allotment including occupation possibilities.

The coasts please will be shared with European Union.

Canada follows to Scandinavia in this regard equally. *

Also Russia has enough place for people from the purest countries of earth especially for people with the AIDS virus.

Too, whole African villages that almost consists exclusively of infected people with AIDS or should become driven away by the present government, you will please of all costs include in the restructuring.

* Otherwise the cudgel of the Empress will have to course you and people like you correspondingly. Especially the more somebody is a Catholic or a Christian the cudgel hits onto such a luxury creature in the right way.

You and people like you should really make experience, how it must be for yourselves, if one must get into a flight means of transport like an inflatable boat and do not know whether one will reach the destination also because the foods and the drinking water will only be in a limited manner available for a period.

If you will see land in spite of all, then you must calculate with it that you come under fire from the bordering or harbour police, because so many a one of these people perhaps mentally is dividing a very long buffet or do not want to let take away himself the thick put on sausage- or cheese bread, you well protected patrons including your twisted scions, you!


                                On behalf of


    2004 August Monday 02

A correspondent writing of this restructuring is already available also in English translation.

Would have you and people like you punctually reacted, then many problems would be solved in such a way easier now.

Yesterday the CNN sender showed the worldwide biggest sailing boat and its owners. The costs of it were mentioned and my person understood the amount from fifty million dollars.

Please, inform the owners of the sailing boat about the matter and order immediately, so that he and other ones get the possibility to steer in the right direction. At present time my cudgel still does not work but there are enough reasons for everybody preparing the way of changing live by choice all over the word.


You and people like you have still to learn a lot!



The World-Cultural-Heritage


Additional information you may find here: www.vadere.de