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  • The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack!

  • Tischlein deck dich, Goldesel streck dich und Knüppel aus dem Sack!

    The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack!

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The World-Cultural-Heritage

Das Weltkulturerbe





The World-Cultural-Heritage

Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany

To All SAT–Stations



Germany, Luebeck, 2. Oktober 2011

CC/ Homepages 2016*

Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Rules,

In the matter and by the commission of our all Creator I would like to inform you as my aim addresses or SAT – Stations once more in this way about my Homepages, which contain enough information that you are able to inform and orient you correspondingly and to be able to become active.

There are some value documents they are not to find in my Pages. 2016*

These writings should also be reached to the important multimedia information centres and Publishers, so that for the social classes, which cannot use the Internet or are not able to read, also the possibility has been existing to be informed directly and quickly e. g. by the broadcasting company, by the letter post or by the local newspapers.

Even if the events could be affected negatively for the individual one for the time being, one should not underestimate the control by the applied High Tech separate properly value, so that the Internet is to be classified as a very important instrument to be able to resist in the matter.

Hereby it is taking place and it goes on by my various Homepages. My main address is as follows:


My next Pages you may reach at my called aim address, which I am going to change or extend constantly.

Also travellers can put together some Pages concerning the contents which are useful for the matter and commission, while the contents can be bundled up and be passed on jointed together fast and at a reasonable price to certain collective places.

Nevertheless, the basic element in the matter and commission is already stated and is to be taken from my Homepages.

I do hope that you can take your time for these writings of the Pages what will take up some days, and I do hope that many of you will estimate seriousness of the situation properly and not wrongly, even if one sometimes must laugh about the contents or expression of the writings what may absolutely be.

Thus I remain and wish you and your team also a lot of fun while reading and watching  my Pages.

Yours sincerely

U. Sabisch


HP: 2016/ March

Today a quit healthy child is born again in ............. and is has been published. I do hope, that this child will grow up healthy and not as a so called Prince.

There are some true Princes and Princesses in the world but normally they do not live in a castle, on the contrary.

In the Holy Year it is about time to end this nonsense of the coronation of a quite normal human being of today e. g. in Sweden and it is about time to explain the people, they were holding the fairy tale castles for the true Authority, and that their forefathers only had hold a title for a possible fairy tale in our age.